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Who?  Where?   Whats a . . .  NHEHD? 

This group has been in the making since 2010 when an interdisciplinary gathering called "Brains & Partnerships" hosted people from the health, justice, and education fields.  It was inspired by a pan-Canadian Council for Early Child Development conference held in New Brunwick in 2009.  The research and papers provide clear evidence about the impact of early child development on life-long health, economy, justice, health and social services.  Instead of continuing to re-prove what we know, let's move into action so all children can thrive. Here is a little one-pager that helps describe our plight.


There are a whole lot of people who really, really care.  Most of those people want to see effective change.  This group is a place to share what is going on, consider what needs to be fixed or bridged or missing. It is a place to get it all together and implement some good ideas. 


Creating a hub where individuals and organizations can locate themselves in our community of supports.  Most important= how are we working together? 

This group is community and relies on volunteer efforts... because citizenship isn't a paid position.  

Our Board

The NHEHD Yukon Board of Directors is a mix of people throughout the Yukon who really care. These individuals are committed engaging with life cycles of health throughout communities in order that all children get the best start.  Click here for the BOD.


Considering the plethera of research, resources from those who have done amazing work and those that are still helping us understand.  Bronfrenbrenner, Maslow, Mustard, Hertzman, Heckman... 


To ensure a community that uses scientifically informed, effective and collaborative infrastructure that supports healthy early child development for every child - not just for some children.  Every child deserves equity from the start. 


Join Our Team

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